1. By purchasing a ticket and entering the museum grounds, you (and any other members of your group) agree to comply with the visitor regulations and safety rules of the establishment.

2. At least one copy of the Visitor Regulations is publicly displayed on the Hungarian Railway Museum’s premises and is available for download at 

3. Visitors take full responsibility for children accompanied by them and for informing the children about the Visitor Regulations and for compliance with the regulations.

4. Children under 14 years are only allowed to visit the Hungarian Railway Museum when accompanied by an adult.

5. The Hungarian Railway Museum’s premises and its interactive facilities can only be used by visitors possessing a valid admission ticket and tickets for the interactive activities.

6. Please exercise caution when moving around on the Railway Museum’s premises and pay special attention to dangers that may result from the characteristics of railway traffic. It is strictly forbidden to enter areas that are cordoned off or marked with a warning sign. It is forbidden and dangerous to climb on to the outside of the vehicles.

7. The Railway Museum assumes no responsibility or liability for any staining (oil, soot, etc.) resulting from railway operation, for any damages due to irresponsible behaviour of the visitors, or

for accidents not attributable to the Railway Museum.

8. In order to protect the physical safety of other visitors, especially children, visitors shall not enter the Railway Museum’s premises by car, motorcycle, moped, electric bicycle, bicycle, scooter, electric scooter, skateboard, gyroskate/smartboard/street balance board, segway or roller-skates.

9. During your visit to the Railway Museum, image or sound recordings may be made on which you as a visitor might be identified. The recordings belong to the Hungarian Railway Museum Foundation and by purchasing a ticket you agree to their publication. No further claims will be considered.

10. Taking photographs the Railway Museum is permitted for private, non-commercial use only. Any other recordings for commercial use are subject to a charge and permission. We can provide free entry to members of the press only after prior consultation and presenting press credentials. Requests for taking photos and videos for commercial use and requests for press entry and recording permit shall be sent to at least 24 hours prior to arrival.

11. Tickets may be purchased in person at the cashiers at the entrance of the Railway Museum or online, using our Webshop. Our Webshop is available at:

12. All sales are final after completing a purchase at the cashier. We offer no possibility to exchange money at the cashiers.

13. For more information about ticket prices, please inquire at the cashier at the entrance or visit the following webpage:

14. We can provide visitors a discount only upon presenting a valid proof of eligibility (such as student ID, membership ID, etc.) One document can be used to purchase one reduced price ticket only. Reduced price admission tickets are available for children, pensioners and railway employees.

15. Members of the following organisations in possession of official identification documents are eligible for free entry: Hungarian Federation of the Blind and Partially Sighted (MVGYOSZ), plus 1 accompanying adult. Hungarian Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SINOSZ), plus 1 accompanying adult. Hungarian Deafblind Association (SVOE), plus 1 accompanying adult. Hungarian Association for Persons with Intellectual Disability (ÉFOÉSZ), plus 1 accompanying adult. National Federation of Organisations of People with a Physical Disability (MEOSZ), plus 1 accompanying adult. Hungarian Autistic Society (AOSZ), plus 1 accompanying adult.

16. Please note that the ticket prices applicable for the Oldtimer Show, TEMOFESZT International Model Railway Festival and Pig Slaughtering Sausage Festival (Disznótoros Kolbászfesztivál) events are determined by the organisers of the events and are therefore different from the prices of the admission tickets of the Railway Museum.

17. The Railway Museum is private property and therefore reserves the right to refuse the entry of certain individuals at its own discretion or to remove them from the property.

18. It is strictly forbidden to take photographs of the staff without their consent.

19. Any person who damages or steals the items exhibited in the Railway Museum or does not possess a valid ticket will be reported to the police regardless of the value of the damage caused.

20. By accepting the Visitor Regulations, visitors agree to the proper use of the furniture and the bathrooms of the Railway Museum (Utasellátó Café & Restaurant, playground, etc.)

21. In case of vandalism or any behaviour which is inappropriate from a hygienic point of view or which may disturb other visitors, the security personnel of the Railway Museum may remove the visitor from the premises and the visitor may be obligated to reimburse the Railway Museum for the value of the damage caused.

22. Only authorised personnel can enter restricted areas of the Railway Museum. The only exceptions are escape routes in case of an emergency (such as a fire). Violators will face legal action for trespassing.

23. It is forbidden to bring items to the Railway Museum that may pose a risk to public safety and/or may impede the entertainment experience and the comfort of other visitors.

24. The security personnel of the Railway Museum can remove any visitor from the Museum’s premises who causes a disturbance or disrupts the entertainment experience of other visitors in any way. In such cases the Railway Museum is not obligated to refund the price of the admission ticket.

25. No alcoholic drinks will be served to persons under the age of 18 in the restaurant and catering establishments operating on the Railway Museum’s premises.

26. The premises of the Railway Museum is under CCTV surveillance. The CCTV footage may be recorded and kept by the Railway Museum. The Railway Museum may use such footage for the protection of its own property and to prove any damages, but is obligated to release or show the footage to private individuals only within the framework of legal proceedings, at the request of an official body.

27. Smoking (cigarette, e-cigarette, pipe tobacco) is prohibited on the Railway Museum’s premises and is indicated by signage.

28. Any use of open flame is prohibited on the entire premises of the Railway Museum. It is strictly forbidden to bring flammable items to the Railway Museum’s premises.

29. We take no responsibility for valuables brought to the Railway Museum or for any other items lost or left on the premises.

30. The Railway Museum assumes no responsibility or liability to visitors for any damage or offence caused by another visitor.

31. No dogs or other pets are allowed on the Railway Museum’s premises. The only exceptions are guide dogs and other assistance dogs or service dogs used by authorities.

32. In case of any problem or complaint, we suggest bringing it to the attention of the Railway Museum’s staff immediately. During the process of complaint handling the Railway Museum may ask for the visitor’s ticket, therefore please keep it with you.

33. In case of a complaint, you may direct your comments by mail to the address of the Hungarian Railway Museum Foundation: 1142 Budapest Tatai út 95, or via phone at +36 1 450 1497, or via e-mail:

34. In case of a complaint, the Railway Museum assumes no responsibility for undeliverable replies due to fake data provided.

35. During the process of complaint handling the Railway Museum may ask for the visitor’s ticket, therefore please keep it also in case of complaints made in writing or via phone. Relevant supervisory authorities: Notary of Budapest 14th District Mayor’s Office, Consumer Protection Department of the Budapest Metropolitan Government Office (Budapest Főváros Kormányhivatala Fogyasztóvédelmi Főosztálya) and the Conciliation Panel of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kereskedelmi és Iparkamara Békéltető Testülete).

36. Data Privacy Statement (GDPR). Please note that your personal data is handled and stored by the Hungarian Railway Museum Foundation in accordance with the unified EU regulation GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in place since 25th May 2018.


Budapest, 1st July 2018

Hungarian Railway Museum Foundation
1142 Budapest, Tatai út 95.