Ride on the diesel engine


Those with an adventurous sprit can “drive” a steam or vintage diesel engine in the Museum. First the controls of the engine are explained by an experienced engine driver who then supervises visitors as they drive back and forth on the 800 m long track. At the end they receive an “Honorary Engine Driver” diploma.We advise you to call in advance to find out which engine will be operating.

Only weekend!


Ride on the "Tchaika" railcar


Operating only special event days!


Ride on the hand draisine


Visitors can not only admire the handcart exhibited in the Museum: they can also try to operate one themselves on a 400 m long track. After the ride each participant receives a certificate issued in their name.

For larger groups a handcart race can be organised.


Riding on the Garden Railway


The 850 metre (2800 ft) Garden Railway with three level crossings is very popular with children. The miniature train models the operation of real railways, the carriages are pulled by one-eighth scale engines.

Ride on the horse  tram


Operating only special event days