Themed events - "A Night On The Upper Deck Of The Omnibus"

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"A Night On The Upper Deck Of The Omnibus"

An informal seated reception in the unique ambience of the Orient Hall can be a worthy ending to any event. This event combines an elegant dinner with light entertainment.

Buffet tables are placed along one side of the hall, adjoined by two drink bars. Guests are seated at round tables for 10. A stage of 40 m2 is assembled from railway carriages at the end of the hall opposite to the entrance.

Guests arrive by vintage train from Nyugati Railway Station. They are greeted by hostesses who accompany them to the Orient Hall. Ballroom music is played until the programme starts, and waiters offer refreshments, then guests are seated at the round tables. The host welcomes the guests from the upper deck of the horse tram, then the meal is served, followed by a show comprised of two acts (of the Client's choice). After the show the band invites guests to the dance floor, a casino opens in the dining car, and the fun starts. After the event, a vintage train returns guests to Nyugati Station at a pre-arranged time.

The above theme includes the following services:

  • Rent
  • Sound and lighting
  • Catering
  • Band
  • 1 steam engine, 1 dining car and 1 horse-tram as decoration
  • Postal wagon with post mistress in period costume selling specially franked postcards
  • Security (3 staff)
  • Diesel-hauled vintage train
  • Cleaning (3 staff)
  • 1 roulette table and 1 Black Jack table with croupier
  • Hostesses (8 staff)
  • Cloakroom (2 staff)