Themed events - Dinner On The Orient Express

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Guests enjoy a pleasant evening in an elegant environment evoking the journey between Paris and Istanbul on the legendary Orient Express.

Elegantly laid round tables for 8 with silk-covered chairs are set up in the guest area of the Orient Hall, flanked by a steam engine that used to pull the Orient Express and an elegant dining car that ran in the train.

Guests meet in the splendour of the Royal Waiting Room of Nyugati Station where they enjoy a glass of chilled champagne. Doors open to reveal a steam-hauled vintage train waiting on the platform while a uniformed brass band plays the Radetzky March. After a 15-minute journey they arrive at the 19th century railway station in the Museum. Candle-lit walkways make the arrival a memorable and romantic experience. The Orient Hall is also lit with candles, and ballroom music is played in the background. Guests are shown to their places by hostesses dressed in period railway uniforms. The host welcomes the guests and asks the guest of honour to make a toast. After the toast, dinner is served, accompanied by soft ballroom music. The musical show. evoking the main stops of the Orient Express from Paris to Istanbul starts during dessert.
After the event, the steam train returns guests to Nyugati Station at a pre-arranged time.

The above theme includes the following services:

  • Rent (Orient Hall)
  • Rent and champagne reception at the Royal Waiting Room (Nyugati Railway Station)
  • Sound and lighting
  • Catering
  • Big band and uniformed brass band
  • 1 steam engine and 1 dining car as decoration
  • Security (3 staff)
  • Diesel-hauled vintage train
  • Cleaning (3 staff)
  • Hostesses (8 staff)
  • Cloakroom (2 staff)